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Computer Co-op Memberships | Jackson, MS

Computer Co-op Memberships

Store Membership - $ 35 / yr

10% discount on all equipment and 20% discount on all in-store services. Good for 1 year from date of purchase. Includes a membership card and quarterly newsletter. When purchased by an individual, all persons in their household get the discount. If that person owns a business, the business can also take advantage of the discounts. When a business is included in the membership, the business should list all the persons at the business who may be purchasing items for the business. Business membership includes owners' family, but not employees making personal purchases or employee family members making individual purchases. Everyone who may be purchasing should be on the membership registration card. Discounts apply to hardware and software purchased in the store, classes and in-shop repair. Store members will also get a 20% discount on on-site and programming work. All Educational members also get the store discount.

Maintenance Membership - $ 75 / yr

This membership includes all the benefits of the store membership. On-site parts are purchased at the membership price. All hours of on-site work, including teaching, troubleshooting, consulting, as well as programming on-site or off are discounted 30% from public/retail prices. Organizations and businesses with a maintenance membership may send staff persons to classes at the 20% discounted price. Maintenance members may purchase an Educational membership at a 10% discount.

Educational Membership - $150 for three months

Membership begins at time of purchase and extends for three full calendar months from the date of purchase. A household is entitled to send any or all household members to any and all Monday night beginner classes at no cost for that time period. Computer Co-op guarantees all scheduled classes will meet or your membership will be extended to the same number of cancelled classes in the following 3 month period. Businesses may send one person per class for each educational membership purchased. During the time of the educational membership, educational members are also entitled to the 20% discounts available to store members. If class attendance exceeds available computers, only 1 computer per household. No seating is reserved. First students to show up get their pick of computers. Classes offered at other times of the week (Tuesday nights, Saturdays, etc.) are not included in the educational membership. Educational members who want to attend those special non-beginner classes can do so using their 20% discount.


Volunteers earn an additional 10% discount on purchases of $50 per each hour worked. This is approximately the co-op cost. Volunteer hours must be worked at the request of the cooperative staff and management.

Investor Membership COMING SOON!

Investor members contribute $500 for a voting share of Computer Co-op. They receive quarterly financial/management reports. They attend an annual shareholders meeting and elect a board of directors. The board of directors meet quarterly and among other things, select an overall manager of the business and guide business goals and objectives. They also receive a return on their investment that is tied to the success of the business. Currently the maximum possible return on investment is 10%. Investors can use their return on investment to offset the cost of a store, educational or maintenance membership - or they can reinvest it - or they can receive a dividend check. Investors can contribute above the $500 minimum, but only one vote is granted to a single shareholder. Investor members can return their shares to the Computer Co-op and be reimbursed at any time.