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Computer Co-op Equipment Rental | Jackson, MS

Equipment Rental

The Computer Co-op leases and rents computer systems and hardware components on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly arrangement. In all off-site cases, the lessee (member or customer) is responsible for damage or theft of the equipment and for maintaining the equipment in the state it was rented (excluding normal usage wear). In all off-site cases, a security deposit will be held by the Computer Co-op for approximately 20% of the equipment value. In all off-site cases a lease agreement will be signed.

  • Classroom (Instructor not included)--$500/day
  • Classroom Workstation--$10/hour; $40/day
  • Computer System Rental--$50/day; $25/additional day; $160/month
  • Laptop System Rental--$180/month
  • InFocus Projector--$150/first day; $75/each additional day
  • Kodak DC210 Digital Camera--$30/day; $120/week; $360/month
  • Flat Bed Scanner--$10/hour; $30/day