Wednesday, May 15, 2002 9:15am, Jackson International Airport

Waiting in an airport. A now desert. Minds full of goings and comings. Here time is really believable and of great importance. Meeting people with our familiarity radar on full alert. My last purchase was "Mt. Everest" breath gum and the metal container set off the metal detector. Some cheap and sort lasting excitement and entertainment. You know it looks like just about all kinds pass through an airport and in a pretty much random mix. Everyone carrying a unique story, and its all a powerful media for distraction from the breath and body sensations. And the breath is not normal. There is an overlay of stress. A tension from the nearness to the unknown and the reminders of Sept. 11 help it become more conscious.

Wednesday, May 15 11:04am, Above Northern Mississippi

Im all for circular aircraft. Separated from the rest of humanity, like this, we could easily bond into a sense of community, but being strapped into seeing the back of a seat creates a much different experience.

Wednesday, May 15 4:40pm, Memphis, TN KLM Jumbo Jet

MempLukeLunchX.jpg (244570 bytes)MempCharLunchX.jpg (227881 bytes)The air community has changed. Young. Multi-race. Multi-lingual. This is the world of those who can afford the ticket. This makes me aware of the false comfort of familiarity. PlaneToIndiaX.jpg (146384 bytes)HeadingtoIndiaX.jpg (272639 bytes)The unpredictable and strange more nearer. My watch will soon by lying badly. I can feel myself treasuring the refuge of loving-kindness. The refuge of raw mind without assumptions. The refuge of humility being in a world that is suddenly larger, suddenly much more unknowable. I see quickly how the view of a world citizen is not the same as American, Southerner or Mississippian. I can see I will have a new appreciation of the ease of living in Jackson.

Thursday, May 16 10:40am, Amsterdam, Netherlands

AmsterdmAirportSeiks4X.jpg (201935 bytes)Several strangenesses: Traveling at 600mph for 8 hours. Living at 33,000 feet for 8 hrs. Just outside the window it was 68 degrees F. It was strange to see it start getting light out when my senses thought it was just past 12 midnight. A very short night! My body now thinks its about 3:30am and with little sleep, Im not feeling too sharp. Although much of the airport is a no smoking zone, the smell of cigarettes is still strong. My breathing is affected.