The Wilderness Tour

This wilderness area we are in is larger than the size of Massachusetts. There is only one, mostly
dirt road. No private vehicles are allowed. Human animals must stay in the tour buses, be quiet,
hands and head inside the vehicle. It's awesome to see wilderness being preserved.

This is Denali. (Mt. McKinley) The tallest point in North America. It's like some God. Makes me
think of Zeus and stuff like that. Most of the year clouds cover this view. We were lucky with this
shot and even got a better shot on day 2 (see the home page). Every year about 1,500 people try
to climb this thing. About half make it. Most amazingly there was once a woman dogsledder who
took her whole team of dogs to the summit. I felt sorry for all the macho mountain climbing men who
fail to get up.
There're about 500 climbers on the mountain right now. See if you can count them.

The glacial runnoff rivers here don't support fish. Too much ancient silt. The river beds are really
wide, but there is never a huge amount of water flowing.

But there's more than just rivers here... What's next