It's North to Denali National Park and Preserve. This is a road I hitchhiked
23 years ago when I was last here. The road was less than 10 years old at
that point. There are lots of mountains to see. Here's one. Just multiply it by
a big number to get the full impression.

We reached our lodge where we will be spending a couple days. It's on the Nenana River.

It was one of the most peaceful experiences to lay in bed and listen to the fast flowing river all night.
But, I get ahead of myself. We arrived here with plenty of daylight (this is a joke) to do some
exploring. We headed off for the park and took the first walking trail we came across.

This is Horseshoe Lake. That is the Nenana River in the background, just further downstream from
where we were staying. We walked out to the point of that land you can see surrounded by water
and Charlotte took some really good pictures... Onward to Horseshoe Lake Pictures