Southern Surprise

Didn't take any pictures of the Great Salt Lake, but everyone should understand - it's BIG.
From Salt Lake we flew to Dallas and found the time for our flight came and went without
anyone ever announcing we should board the plane.
Finally we got an announcement that there were some mechanical problems with the plane,
but we should be ready to go shortly. We got on the plane and found it kind of warm. Turning
on the overhead air jets caused a steady drip of water. They explained that one of the two
computers on board was saying things were all screwed up, but the other computer said
things were fine. They decided to believe the one that said everything was fine, but the decision
required a lot of paper work to be filled out, and we also had to wait for a go ahead phone
call from the boss in Atlanta. So it's off to Jackson - we hope.
We did make it to Jackson with no problems. When we landed and were trying to get off,
these clouds of smoke or something were rolling out of the overhead luggage areas. It didn't
smell quite right and we all were pretty serious about getting onto the tarmac.
As we headed for the baggage claim area, an official made an announcement, soon echoed by
the Public Address system, that no one was to enter the downstairs baggage claim area.

The police yellow crime scene tape got rolled out everywhere. Four different gangs of
officials scurried and huddled and acted mysterious.

One gang of officials finally removed the tape and let us go down. But a minute later another gang
announced that everyone had to come back upstairs and the tape went back up. This is too much
fun. Are we ever going to get home? Well eventually the officials tired of their games and life as
we know it began flowing again.
We're home now and happy and still carrying the wild places in our hearts.