Civilization Cometh

There's a train that travels once a day from Anchorage to Fairbanks and returns.
It gets to the wilderness park about 3pm on it's way back to Anchorage. We
crossed paths with it - almost - about half way back to the city.

Never one to give up on seeing a moose up close - we were really hoping to get a picture of
Charlotte kissing one - our hopes were kept alive by signs like this.

We got to Anchorage in time to find a good vegetarian restaurant. The first
one we had directions to had just closed minutes before we got there, but
some nice guy at the REI outfitter co-op pointed us toward one just a couple
blocks away. Organic Oasis. The food was fine, but...
There was a band setting up and I think we would have really enjoyed the
music, but the sound system kept squealing nasty shocks into our nervous
system. We were glad to get back out into the relatively quiet parking lot.

On to the airport where the rental car had to be back by 10:00pm. Made it.
Now we get to sit in the airport until the plane leaves just after midnight. Would
you like to see a picture of the sun at midnight in Alaska. Here it is.

We flew all night to Salt Lake City. On the way, still in Alaska we saw still more vast areas of

South of here, along the Pacific coast of Alaska, there are a thousand miles of beautiful forested islands
and coastal mountains. It's the Tongass National Forest. Yellow cedars there live longer than 1,000
years and majestic Sitka spruce grow to over 200 feet tall. Please tell Mr. Bush and the Alaska Governor
Murkowski that this is not just board feet for their corporate chainsaw buddies. They're trying to cut the heart
out of the largest temperate rainforest left in the world.
I was going to scan in a picture of the clear cutting they are doing, but you all know how ugly that is.
For more information and to find out what you can do, go to
Now to continue on our journey... Some Southern surprises