Glaciers - (part 3)

One of Charlotte's goals was to see a whale. She saw this one.

Unfortunately this is actually a picture Charlotte took of a picture of a whale in a brochure that was
on the table where we sat inside the boat. Has a bit of that Loch Ness quality to it, doesn't it?
Ok. Now back to the real world. We did see a seal slide off a chunk of ice, but the camera didn't
see it so neither will you. Now these next guys, they kept a real good eye on us as we approached,
passed right by them, and went on our way. We conducted a quick interview with these bald eagles

Hey guys, what do you think about all this new patriotism? (no response)
Hey, you feeling pretty cool about being mascots for this latest war? (no response)
Hey, hear you're off the endangered species list. Bet that's nice, huh? (no response)
As you can see, these guys were clearly not into the interview. Onward.
Let's see if we can find somebody just a tad bit less serious.

Sea Otters! Yes. These dudes are the inspiration for Garfield. They just bob along, laying on their
backs. Occasionally do a belly roll. Worry? Who, Me?

and now for a surprise.... continued on part 4