Glaciers - (part 2)

I bet you've never heard this much ice crack. Oh my. Oh baby. It's awesome.

Does she look like a cosmic ice crack went right up her reality?
Well, then the next thing is, you see some ice moving and falling off the wall of the glacier. They
call this calving. I don't know why. When the ice hits the water is when it sinks in that the little chunk
of ice weighed tons!

Now here is where it will get subtle for you, but it was quite opposite of subtle to be standing
next to this event. Observe the shape and features of the glacial ice wall. This is the before picture

Something is starting to happen here in the picture above. Your ears should be full of some major
ice cracking decibels. Then it happens. A whole big buildings worth of ice breaks loose and slams
into the sea. Whoooowh!

See the difference in the pattern of remaining ice? Just as you are thinking, "wow that was quite a
show", you see the wave. Holy smokes. So that's why we don't get any closer. This is like a
survivable experience of a tsumi. Boat buckin bronco's it's way over the wave. But that was cool.

So what else, out here on the sea.... continued on part 3