Getting There

It all starts with an itch. Fill Charlotte's pockets with frequent flyer miles for anywhere in the US
and there you have it - Alaska. You have to get through a lot of the stuff pictured above. Airlines
have forgotten geography, so you might find yourself flying from Jackson to Atlanta to get to
Alaska. We left mid-day. It stayed mid-day until we got home five days later. This time of year
in Alaska, the sky doesn't get much darker than the example above.

We flew into Anchorage and rented a car and navigated our way to the Mahogany Manor, a small
bed and breakfast nestled in the city but where moose wander into the back yard. Anchorage is
about the size of Jackson - although they have a much bigger airport that reveals what a fraud it is
 to name ours an "International" airport.

After about 10 hours in the air, we didn't last long. We were soon asleep. The kind folks at Mahogany
Manor seemed to know just how to help us melt into Alaska. And when it came to planning our day
trips - they helped us make the wisest decisions and provided coupons to save us tons of money.
The glaciers await.