Wayusa Ceremony

At 4 something in the morning we got up for a traditional Wayusa ceremony.

This is where we gather and drink a tea that is used to cause vomiting to purge the system.

After that everyone shares their dreams and interprets them. It is a time to also bring up and resolve important issues. Frank and Linda and Simon drank enough of the tea to purge while Charlotte, myself, Julie and Cuqui just sipped.

Simon interpreted dreams for us. We asked him about several common dreams. You know the one about being in school and suddenly realizing you donít know your schedule or are missing classes or donít have your books or whatever? Well that type of dream means you have reached a completion with something in your life and you are ready to move on. A dream of flying? They take that one pretty literal. You will be in an airplane soon. Being chased and not being able to escape? There is a physical, emotional or mental obstacle to get through. Back at our cabin we sat on the porch and listened to quite a symphony of sounds coming from the jungle. One last breakfast meal and then we pack and pay our bills.

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