The Spa

After lunch we took a long winding road up the mountainside to the Luna Rintan Spa.

After checking in, we immediately went up to the volcanic water hot tubs with a great view of the valley.



The hot water felt soooo good.



After getting thoroughly cooked, we dropped on the bed and slept until dinner.

After dinner, Linda passed around several different kinds of Ecuadorian chocolate which was a real treat and gave us each a unique type of local incense. After dinner there was a light drizzle and we went to use the internet and immediately learned about Gustav – a hurricane about to reach category 5 and just passing Cuba but headed for our Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans. Our thoughts are with everyone we know there and wishing for their safety and hoping their homes are spared.

After a long sleep, I awoke at 5am and wrote a letter to the management about some suggestions that would save them money and cut petroleum and electric use. I’ll include it here somehow, as it does relate to this trip. Only by all of us cutting our fossil fuel consumption are we going to get our culture sustainable and help secure not only the survival of indigenous cultures, but also our own. Letter to Luna Runtun management here. A warm shower and the start of repacking and we’re ready for breakfast. After a buffet breakfast we watched a couple short Pachamama videos that were well produced and quite moving. We did a small ceremony where each of us made a small bundle in native cloth and put things in it that represented important values (rose petals = love, soil = Pachamama, beans = growth, coins = prosperity, etc.)

Then each of us shared what we have learned by being in this tribe. What we learned from the forest and the Achuar people. How the trip has transformed us. And what has changed with our commitment. As it rained we packed up and I got on the computer and typed out my ideas for the SPA to save money and energy and emailed it to them. We got on the bus and went back to Baño to eat lunch, then on to the Pan-American highway, the Avenue of the Volcanoes and back to Quito where we hope to have dinner with Lynne Twist. As we get about 23 kilometers out from Quito, the traffic comes to a crawl. Sunday traffic into Quito is always bad, but tomorrow school starts for all the children in the Andes so this is the traffic of the last weekend of vacation. The police make the traffic go one way through a ‘suburb’ city and this helped a lot. It has gotten very cloudy and much cooler. Gas here is cheap. We watched the bus get filled with diesel and it was just over $1 a gallon. We also asked about land prices and found that along the coast of Ecuador ten wooded acres with an ocean view was under $25,000.

We made it back to Quito. What a big city. Back to the Hotel Café Cultura and into room #3.

An asian, Indian décor. Very nice.

We checked to see if there was really hot water and there was, it just took a while. We spent some time on the internet and looked at a paper. I’ve got over 1,000 emails to catch up on.


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