Swimming With The Piranha

After our nap, we showered before going to lunch.

After another nap we met by the river and loaded the canoe with inner tubes and a raft


and went a good way up the river. Along the way we saw several river turtles.

We also got to see the bird on the logo of Kapawi Lodge. It is called a stinking turkey or hoatzin bird. Beautiful name, huh. It’s a scavenger, and gets so heavy it can hardly fly. It is not hunted because its meat smells so bad. On this I really believe them.

Way up the river, we put the raft in the water and all jumped out of the canoe which went back to the lodge.

Most of us got into the river and floated along.



There are a lot of different fish in the water with us, including piranha. We were told if we did not have any open bleeding sores piranha would not bother us. We believed. Nobody got eaten. While I’m remembering, there is another fish that can be a worry. It is called an umbrella fish. Very tiny. If you are naked in the water and pee, it will dart up the pee stream and get inside you, then open its “umbrella” and only painful surgery can remove it. Whoa! Change channels.

As we looked back up the river we saw the fins of at least one pink dolphin following us.




Getting out of the water if felt good as our body temperature had gotten cooled off pretty well. We got together before dinner to go over the departure plan for tomorrow. Daniel’s group and four others would be leaving on the first flight out around 8:30am. If all goes well, the military plane will make it back around 1pm and take our group to Shell where we will get on our tour bus and take a 1 hour ride to Baño where we will spend the night. We also go over all the fee’s and tipping and realize we are close to using up all of our money.

For dinner we had a traditional Achuar meal.

It included a soup with brussels sprouts, manioc and hearts of palm. The chichi was actually a quite different drink than we had in the community. It was sweet.

We had a second course of peppers, corn and palm wrapped in leaves that had been baked over a fire.

After the meal we had a great time sharing all the energy bars, trail mix and chocolate we had tucked away. Simon sampled it all and found several things he liked. We went back to our cabins and got dressed for a night walk in the jungle.


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