Encounter with a Tapir and a Jaguar

the Night Hike in the Jungle


Not everyone gets to touch a tapir and a jaguar in the jungle and live to tell about it. We did. What was special about our encounter was the fortunate old age of both of these specimens. We did get off a couple pictures. Scroll down to find them.


Not everyone was excited about this night hike activity. Sure enough, a couple steps into the jungle and we were already checking out a huge spider.

Every couple feet we met something different

walking sticks, big beetles, strange snakes, big ants, frogs.








I think this was some kind of wasp nest.

Ants were feasting on this dead butterfly.

There was so much. It was pretty amazing. Charlotte lamented not having the proper zoom lens to catch some of the more spectacular sights. One fellow that got missed was this white, flat snake that was coiled up on a big leaf thigh high. There must have been about five coils then his head was up about a foot like a cobra and hissing and spitting at us.


The tapir

The jaguar

It was about 11pm when we got to sleep.


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