Dinner with Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist came and we had dinner as a group.


Lynne told of recently visiting the northern rainforest in Ecuador where Texaco had been extracting oil since the 1970ís. The largest environmental law suit has been going on there for the past 13 years. The indigenous cultures were in ruin. All their streams and rivers are polluted and undrinkable. All the fish are dead. The forest is ripped up. Their source of livelihood gone. They are having epidemics of cancer, birth defects, skin disorders and respiratory problems. There are over 1,400 open pits of oil waste. If it is possible to clean up, it will take at least 50 years. And it was clear to her that once the process of destruction starts in an area it is very difficult to stop it. It made what is happening in the Achuar area seem even more important. The other indigenous cultures in the area have great respect for what the Achuar are doing. Each of us around the table got to share the most moving moment we had in the rainforest. Lynne told us more about the emergency funding needed to get the seven Achuar young men back into school so they could learn how to manage Kapawi Lodge. It will take $18,000 and $10,000 was just donated. Charlotte and I offered a couple hundred dollars and said we would tell everyone we know about this opportunity to help in such a meaningful way. Lynne offered to write an email about it and gave us her email address. We said goodbyes and went off to bed.


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