We learn that the first flight out has been delayed nearly 2 hours because of heavy rain and poor visibility in Shell. We take the extra time to practice our blow gun skills.

The jawbone of a piranha is used to make to tips of the darts very sharp.





Frank and Charlotte and Pavithra all hit the bulls-eye. Charlotte hit it twice. The darts get a winding of kapok fiber around its tail to form a good seal in the blow hole. Simon shows us how it can be used accurately at over 30 feet.

Face Painting

Simon gets a fruit from an achiote bush

and uses a small palm stick to paint our faces.

Many of the designs represent things that grow in their gardens.








We get an update that heavy rain in Coca might prevent the plane from landing there. If that is the case, they will have to go on to Shell and we may be delayed another hour. As if on cue the sky opens up and we get a heavy rain.

Later we learn the plane does land in Coca about lunch time. We go ahead and have lunch at the lodge and wait to see if we’ll fly out today. Luke and I go back to cabin #3 for a nap. It is now 3:50pm, the Sun is coming out and we still haven’t heard if the plane will be able to land and pick us up.

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